Thursday, January 17, 2013

Be Thrifty and Shop Volunteers of America

Hello and welcome to the second of our not so weekly or creatively titled "Thrifty Thursday." This past weekend Stacey and I went thrift shopping at the Volunteers of America at 1824 West Henderson Road. It's in a strip mall near Upper Arlington so I was hopeful that we would score so sweet deals from the fashionable rich bitches of Upper Arlington (and I mean that in the nicest way). 

I'm lucky enough that I get to wear jeans to work most days so I was looking strictly for winter tops and the VOA delivered. 

Here's what I bought with styling by Stacey. I only let her shop with me and put together outfits for the sake of our readers looking for outfit ideas. It's all for you Amy (as far as I know, she's the only one reading this blog). 

flower patterned peasant top ($1.99)

Banana Republic striped v-neck sweater ($5.99)

Anne Taylor lambswool sweater ($5.99)

chartreuse pea coat ($5.99) 

Anne Taylor cowneck cashmere sweater ($19.99 BUT it still had the original $88.00 price tag)

blue and grey sweater ($4.99)

And here are the treasures Stacey found in the thrift store home department

Drinko ($5.99) - it's like plinko but with shot glases

three frames ($1.99 each) that will hold menus at an upcoming Oscars Awards party

And while I don't need a comforter, here's a cool zebra-print comforter for just $3.99! That's the price of a Big Mac. 

I ended the day with seven new outfits for just $55. Not bad for a Sunday. Happy thrifting!

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