Thursday, January 31, 2013

Be Thrifty and Shop Goodwill & Volunteers of America

It's Thursday everyone, and if you've read our blog before, you know what that means.....Thrifty Thursday!!!  This week's stops include a quickie at Ecclectiques in Clintonville, followed by a more extensive hunt at the Goodwill Store at the corner of High Street and Hudson at the edge of campus and Clintonville and the Volunteers of America Store on Indianola Avenue in Clintonville. 

I began this week's hunt alone and headed straight from work to Ecclectiques.  Given that they close at 6:00 pm and I knew I wouldn't get there until 5:30, I knew my visit there would be short, but likely sweet.  It's one of my favorite antique/vintage stores in the city.   

Like a lot of women, I have a bit of a girl crush on Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.  Full disclosure, my Jackie O crush is more of an obsession.  In another life I would've made a stellar First Lady and I like to think I'd do it with the grace and elegance of Jackie O.  With that said, I tend to be drawn towards 50s and 60s vintage suits and dresses. 

I came upon this beauty hanging in the corner of a room filled entirely with dinette sets.  Marked down from $85 to $30, I had to have it.  I have no idea where I'm going to wear it, but frankly, I'll create an event if I have to.        

While speed browsing at Ecclectiques, J (inspired by my Pinterest-y post) decided she wanted to join me so I swung by, picked her up and we headed back to Clintonville to hit the Volunteers of America.  On the way, we got stopped at the light at Hudson and High and decided to make a slight detour to see what The Goodwill Store had to offer. 

Let's start with their auction.  Each week, the shop picks some of their more unique items and puts them up for auction.  Then, throughout the week people can bid on the items showcased and at the end of the week whomever has the highest bid wins! 

Items up for bid this week included some designer handbags, an alligator head, a Kennedy bronze medal and a telescope - just to name a few. 

My personal favorite, however, was this Christmas Story bobblehead.  Classic. 

Both Goodwill and VoA resulted in some great pieces for J to help recreate some of her favorite Pinterest looks. 

Pinned Image 

This Hollister gingham print shirt was $3.99 and the sweater (purchased at our next stop VoA - was $5.00). 

Pinned Image

J really liked the look of this black and white striped dress with tights and boots.  Unfortunately, she was missing the key piece - a striped dress.  We found this one at Goodwill for $3.99.  

She also has a pair of leather pants she's been dying to wear, but couldn't seem to find the right thing to wear them with.  I suggested a fun print top and we found this split-sleeve blouse for $1.99 that worked out perfectly. 

Pinned Image

Here's a look at a few more items we picked up.  No, you do not need to adjust your screen.  You are seeing four striped tops.  No matter how hard Ja and I try to avoid them, we simply cannot leave a store without at least one horizontal stripe shirt.  It's inevitable.  Especially when they're only $3.99.   

Funny story, the blue striped tee above is actually an x-small Liz Lange maternity top.  It's got some super cute ruching on the sides with little buttons.  I will admit this is NOT the first piece of maternity clothing I've purchased for myself despite the fact that I've never, in fact, been pregnant.  I can't help it that pregnant ladies and I apparently have the same taste!!!  Who doesn't like a nice Empire waisted dress or ruched top to conceal the tummy???    

In addition to the clothes, we also found this seahorse paperweight that J bought to put on her desk.  Seahorses are sort of our inside joke.  To understand the significance of the seahorse you need to watch the YouTube video "Drinking Out of Cups".  It's one of the funniest things I've ever seen.  Basically, I can recite this entire video (voice and all) and do so whenever J needs a good laugh.  So naturally, this seahorse paperweight was a must-have.  And at 99 cents who could really argue.    

Finally, Randall recently got a used 2002 Land Rover Discovery that has a tape deck.  It also has a CD player, which is broken, so he requested that during my thrift outings I keep an eye out for any cassette tapes he may like.  Both Goodwill and VoA had a good amount in stock.  Only problem is most of them were gospel music and show tunes.  Unfortuntely, neither of those are really in Randall's musical wheelhouse.  But, after an in-depth search, I came up with these gems:  A best of collection from The Police and Phil Collins, 40 Movies Theme Songs and, last but not least, a nod to one of our favorite shows It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Steve Winwood's Back in the High Life.  There's a link to the episode that will help this make more sense, but the video's not great.  If you've got Hulu I suggest you watch that one instead.     

Obviously, this week's thrift outing was a huge success.  It's been fun to step out of the comfort zone of my regular shops and see what some other places have to offer.  And remember, while a lot of people find thrift shopping to be overwhelming, if you go in with a plan it makes the experience that much better.  Make a list of some items you want/need and give it a try!  If nothing else, you're sure to see a few things that will at the very least make you laugh.     

Have a great weekend and don't forget to stop back tomorrow for J's "5 Senses Friday". 

Seahorses - Forever. 

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  1. You used the word "wheelhouse". I love you.

    Awesome to know about Goodwill auctions!